My Stories from Behind The Shot

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Welcome to my corner of the web where I share my personal feelings about photography and life in general.  Photography has been such a large part of my life that I can't imagine not sharing it with all of you.  In many of these blogs, I will tell you how I obtained these shots and what settings I used to get them.  

I will always be the student of the art but I am always willing to share what I know to other who have the passion and desire.

07.09.2016 - Burney Falls

07.17.2016 - Yosemite National Park

07.28.2016 - What Soccer Means To Me

08.06.2016 - She's Passed

08.14.2016 - 49ers vs Texans

10.07.2016 - San Francisco Fleet Week

07.09.2017 - Casini Ranch

02.20.2018 - Failed Firefall

06.03.2019 - Maddie